Is it me or does icefilms never work?

I got this atv for the sole purpose of watching 720p movies on icefilms and I have not been able to watch one. The only app i can watch decent quality movies is that 1channel app but the movies aren’t as new and its not 720p. Is there another app that is comparable to icefilms or am I the only one that can’t get movies to play on icefilms. I think the farthest i’ve gotten was the movie started and then immediately buffered at 0% the entire time.

2shared barley works as for rapidshare they put a restriction on uploading unless you have a paid account with them

Get realdebrid account.

How do I use a realdebrid account with icefilms? Most of the movies are from 2share or 180 uploads or something i havn’t seen any from real debrid.

They give you premium account to many sites for
A faction of the cost. It only cost me $21 CDN for
6 months. Included is 2shared and rapidshare.

So Everthing should stream smoothly after this because the only 720p i have been able to watch was that in the darkness movie and that movie sucked.

I got real debrid and now it will let me open rapid share links but again 0% buffer so i still can’t watch anything.

Try using Navi-X. It had various sites that it uses for Movies and Tv including IceFilms, 1 Channel, FastpassTV and many more.

Never have trouble finding what I want on at least one of them.