Is it legal to store your own dvd and blu ray copies to stream anywhere from infuse out and about?

Guessing it depends on the country but overall is it legal to store a copy of a movie you own on dvd or blu ray on any paid cloud storage? Sorry if this question is stupid

In Canada you are legally able to create backups of content you own.

In the US I believe it is technically illegal to do anything with any copyright material whether that is making a photocopy of a book you own, ripping a CD, or a movie. But the intent of the rule is to protect the owner of the copyright from illegal distribution. So whatever you do, don’t share your files. That’s what can get you into trouble.

I believe UK now allows you to save/backup physical copies that you own.

In the US it’s legal to make copies of the movie but illegal to bypass and encryption/DRM. Other countries are usually less strict so long as it’s for personal use. It’s best to check fair use doctrine in your country.

The DMCA does make it illegal to bypass protections but I also didn’t see anywhere that if there aren’t protections that it is legal to copy. Regardless all commercial videos on dvd or Blu-ray are protected. Basically personally videos might be the exception.