Is it just me...or.. rewinding crashes Finder

As the title says, in both Nito and Saphire Finder crashes and restarts as soon as I hit rewind during playback of any type video. Tried different formats, encoded DVD’s using different codecs/programs, done the usual factory restore/upgrade to 2.4 and 3.6.2 install… no luck.
It has always been fine with previous versions for all types of video.

Could this be on the next bug fix list or is it just me facing this problem.
(oh, and also, the iPhone remote still doesn’t work on any of the ATV items in frontrow, different problem , different post.)

I’ve got the same problem. Hitting rewind in Saphire or nitoTV crashes Finder.

There’s a thread on nitoTV subforum about this issue also:

Yes, I saw that just after I started this thread. :oops:
Took some time today te try pinpoint the problem and it appears to be ATV 2.4 and ATVFlash 3.6.2, I’ve done a factory restore to reset the ATV to version 2.1 and then installed ATVFlash 3.6.2 and now it all works like a charm, I even got my “skip” forward back, with ATV 2.4 all I could was fast forward… hated that.

So, back to the drawing board and time for another update/bugfix, rewinding movies is one of the most fundamental features of any multimedia playback device, about as importand as… well… playback.