Is it correct, that custom TV show collections are not shown in library?

Hi guys,

with the latest update, Infuse let me now create custom collections, even for TV shows and even for a mix of movies/shows.
For movies it works great.

I made a TV show collection and added the shows “Power”, “Power Ghost”, “Power Raising Kanan” and “Power Force”, but each show is still displayed separately and the collection only listed in the library category “Custom Collections”.
Is that correct?

Also another question regarding a mixed collection with movies and shows. The collection will be displayed under movies and the shows are correctly displayed. But the collection cannot be found under shows, only the single shows still. Is that correct? I would have assumed, that in such case the collection is displayed in both movies and tv shows?

I would guess that would depend on what you have for your collection settings. You can change them and have either the collections show everywhere or only the library for both tv and movie custom collections depending on how you set them.


I think the problem in my case is that I have not set „TV shows“ from the library as favorite, but instead my own tv shows folder on NAS directly as favorite. In this case, collections in my shows will not be shown.
The reason why I do this is that I want to separate my documentaries as an own favorite on my homescreen. Since my documentaries are basically tv shows, they are also displayed under tv shows in the library.

I hope you understand me. :joy:

Collections are only available when browsing in the Library. You won’t have access to these while browsing via folders.

There’s no reason you can’t do both with the way you have it set up.

I too have my TV Shows as a directory on my NAS and that directory has a favorite on my home screen. I do include that directory in my Infuse Library so I can either browse via the Favorite of that directory on the home screen or I can go into the library > TV Shows and view all TV shows and use the sorting and the filters.

You can still have your documentaries and browse them from the favorite and create a Custom collection of them and view then from the Library.

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Yeah, I know that I still can go via the library, or even set it as favorite (instead of my folder on my NAS), but this way my documentaries would also be displayed.

However, I will keep it as it is for now.

I’m the same way, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. :wink:

As to your original question.

Did you want them to show the Library TV shows also? If so then you can turn on the "Group TV Shows into Collections.

Just wanting to make sure we answered all of your questions. :wink:

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Yeah, this is turned on and it is working as expected. Custom collections being display in tv shows. Even the movies (within the collection).

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