Is Infuse sharing my watching history with 3rd party?

It happened multiple times for me on Apple TV, that right after I finished watching a movie in Infuse 7, and switched to another online video sharing App, it recommends me content that’s is relevant to the movie I just watched, and I am absolutely sure that I have never searched that movie title in any way in that App.

In the beginning I thought it is coincidence, but now it had happened multiple times. Can you confirm it is a known behavior, and if so, is it fair to give the user an option to opt-out?

Are you using infuse natively or as a client for something like Plex, Emby etc…

Infuse does not share data with 3rd parties.

I am using infuse natively and have Google Drive as the sole source. In other words, I am not using things like Plex or Emby at all.

It could be that google knows which files you are accessing and is targeting ads based on that.


Saved me from having to type it.

Wonder who is the #1 data miner in the cyber universe?

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Infuse does not collect or share details about the titles you have in your library.

When fetching metadata, the connections are made securely between your device and TMDB - and no data processing is processed by our servers.

The only case where Infuse will send library info from your device is if you are logged into Trakt, and have Scrobbling enabled. In this case, Infuse would sync watched history, watched progress, and ratings with your Trakt account (and if you’re using Pro, pull ratings and watched history from your account).


@James @munpip214
Thank you all for confirming. Guess I need to add a new rule to my router’s firewall. :grin:

But if you are streaming files from your Google Drive which you’ve voluntarily uploaded to Google, what good is a firewall rule going to do? Absent uploading encrypted files, Google already knows exactly what you’ve uploaded and exactly what you’re streaming.

I meant for other Apps that are pulling my profile data from google services like Normally this kind of user profiling happens on client by using the provider’s mobile SDK instead of being synchronized on their backend.

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