Is Infuse boosting volume automatically for all airplay devices?

Been a while since I last posted here, as Infuse has been super for the most part.

More recently—maybe in the last 6 months—I noticed the volume for all movies has increased across the board in Infuse.

Under most circumstances I’d applaud this, but in my most aggressively-mixed soundtracks it’s introduced distortion.

My audio setup is:
• Blade Runner 2049 4K, DTS-HD and Atmos (blu-ray remuxed to MKV to avoid compression)
• Apple TV 4K (1st gen) running tvOS 15
• Audio sent via Airplay 1 (not 2) to AudioPro C10 + C-SUB combo.
• Triple checked I wasn’t using “Volume Boost” at all.

I’ve noticed this doesn’t occur in MrMC or Plex for Apple TV, even if it’s at the expense of a slightly lower overall volume. The upside to those is… no audio distortion in Plex or MrMC. But I want to continue supporting and using Infuse.

When Firecore made the update this year to help boost the reported sound issues for HomePod, did they apply a blanket rule to all Airplay devices? Or does it only target HomePods?

Would love to get the bottom of this as it’s ruining the most dynamic sounding films in my library (eg. Tenet, Blade Runner 2049, Fallen Kingdom).

Thanks in advance!

Does this distortion happen if using the regular TV speakers or headphones?

There are a few audio related improvements coming in 7.3, which could possibly help.

Hey James, thanks for the super quick reply. So good.

I’ll try headphones tonight, but will Airpods connected via Airplay defeat the purpose? Or should I be going in wired directly to the projector? Hard to tell via the projector’s speaker as that’s junk.

Following some more testing, I must offer a big apology to the team at Firecore. It seems this is an Apple TV thing. Maybe at the OS level?

Over headphones (wired and wireless), Airplay and Bluetooth there is distortion occurring on the movies I mentioned earlier.

It’s more accurate to call them artefacts (pops, crackles) rather than distortion, as they seem to appear only on some tracks and only under certain conditions (but always at the same timestamps). So I’m pretty sure the Apple TV is doing something to audio output to augment its perceived “loudness”. It’s less noticeable on Bluetooth (and on Airplay in MrMC, weirdly).

This has to be a recent development, unless my ears are working better now than they were a year ago.

Thanks James.

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One thing you might check is to see if the ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ option is enabled in Settings > Video and Audio.

Already one step ahead! :slight_smile: I tried with this setting both ‘on’ and ‘off’ (I usually have it turned off) and whilst it did dial down some of the distortion, it also flattened everything and made soundtracks mushy. I’ll keep it turned off.

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