Is infuse able to play Dolbyvision in MKV container?

there is a lot of information on the MakeMKV forums on this. The support for adding the DV layer into an MKV has been added recently. It is now up to players to support it. As has been said, Plex on Shield can do it and a couple of others, There are also some combinations of MP4 rips using DVDFab which can do it also. I also have an LG TV and have had DV work through their local media player but i should also test Plex, i doubt that would work though…

Annoyingly, before a couple of months ago, your MV rips will not contain the DV information so would need re-ripping.

In fairness, i doubt many people can see the difference between HDR10 and DV but it’s always nice to have the shiniest thing :slight_smile:

Thank you, you made me go to read the MakeMKV forum.
It stinks for AppleTV and, consequently, for Infuse. I doubt Apple will change anything soon.

i agree – which is a shame.

For anyone who cares, i have tried playing DV files on the LG TV directly, both via the plex player, the builtin media player (via a plex share and via MiniDLNA) all of it does not work. Last test would be a local USB drive, i can try this but i cannot imagine it’s going to be successful.

p.s. most A/V enthusiasts would use Shield because it gives pass through sound and DV etc… Infuse app on Shield would be the Holy Grail for these people. I use Apple TV for everything else as it’s nicer and i prefer Infuse over Plex etc…

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The new Zidoo players also support DV playback in the newly released Realtek chipset. Not sure which profiles are supported.

any new developments on this one? just got my hands on some nice dovi files and none of them are seen properly in infuse (wrong hue colors). i have a sample dovi file which plays fine and also is labeled correctly with DV.