Is Infuse 4 Pro Dead?

… search bar and fast alphabetic scrolling are basic iOS functions that ought to have been built into Pro4 long ago. We asked and asked. Now with the launch of Pro5 it kinda feels like you’ve been holding out on us. Please reconsider your position. Let the selling points of Pro 5 be support for new “premium” features and not the continuing promise of a search bar someday. Lets end it on a high note.

Further: Many months ago I turned to nPlayer for multitasking/split-view/pip. Multitasking does feel like a standard iOS function now… so finding it difficult to justify buying Pro 5 now for this even. I support and prefer Infuse for its visually pleasing UI, but you’re lagging behind nPlayer and competition in many other important areas, which means I can’t rely on iOS Infuse much of the time. Not convinced on buying Pro5 yet.