Is Infuse 2 iOS supposed to modify/sync "watched" status of iTunes media?

Hi folks,

great video player you have there. The only problem I have is the following: I'm syncing DRM-free videos to my iPad via iTunes. So far so good, I see them in Infuse and can play them back. Unfortunately the "watched" status from iTunes/iOS point of view doesn't change, so next time I sync with iTunes the file is still unwatched in iTunes which makes syncing the "oldest 5 unwatched" videos quite useless. Sure, I could just use the iOS video player but I'd like to scrobble my views using trakt (and prefer the look&feel of Infuse over the iOS player).

Is this a technical limitation of iOS or just a missing feature? I really hope that it's the latter. ;-)

I have the exact same issue right now with Infuse Pro 5.2.1.

Synchronizing watched statuses is mandatory for me also, so I would cry and have to stop using Infuse if it wasn’t fixed. :frowning:

Do you plan to fix this, or is it impossible “by design”?