Is Hulu very stutter-y with everyone?

I can’t even watch a Family Guy episode…

Same here…I had read where it was a known problem that was supposed to be addressed…not sure if it has been yet…

Re: Choppy Hulu Video via Boxee
by afrancoeur » Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:57 pm

This is a know issue with Boxee.
Boxee is claiming it will be fixed or at least run better in the next version of Boxee.
Has nothing to do with ATVFlash…

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I can’t even get that far, I get bumped to a Flash download page, how did you get around that?

I can’t get past installing Flash, either.

I used to be able to find HULU in Boxee, but I cannot locate it there now. It was very stuttery when I used it.
I cannot get past the flash install for Firefox.

Hulu plays great from a Mac Mini connected to my hdtv, so this is a atvflash problem.
It would really add to the value of atvflash for me if this worked.