Is getting Infuse pro plan worth the money

Is getting Infuse pro plan worth the money for my iphone se and how does it stack up to plex cloud feature for google drive

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Infuse Pro adds quite a few nice features, and a bit more info on these can be found here.

You can try all the Pro features for an entire month by starting a yearly subscription through the free Infuse 5 app. This should give you plenty of time to play with things to see if Infuse is a good fit for you. :slight_smile:

Everyone will praise Infuse for the software, and it’s warranted, but the open communication about roadmap features is worth praise as well; people in these circles generally want to have a sense of the direction software is going, so that alone is worth your support.

I use Infuse with Google Drive exclusively. I moved away from hosting my own Plex Media Server, to hosting on Plex Cloud (a debacle), and finally landed on Infuse that connects to Google Drive. The integration is solid. The shortcomings become more apparent if the size of your media collection is big. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s apparent that Infuse’s integration of Google Drive could benefit from a few optimizations. For example, I will get at least one 24h ban when Infuse scans Google Drive on a fresh install. I have a handful of discussions open in these forums regarding the integration, so if you want to do more reading, I recommend you search for them.

Like James wrote, give it a try. If you’re satisfied, pay for pro.