Is fetching metadata this bad?

There are some annoyances with Infuse and this is one.
Fetching metadata isn’t possible, but it cannot be any clearer.
When I edit the meta data, one letter with seach is enough…

Is this searching, matching, fetching as bad with you guys?


What does multi mean? What did you rip that file from and why name it like that? If you renamed it I bet Infuse would have an easier time discerning what it should match the metadata to.

The filename starts with the title of the movie and the year. That should be enough, not?

Try putting the year in brackets.

If this is the solution, than my answer that scraping metadata is badly implemented clear: yes it is.
Why should I rename my files. . or ( should make no difference right?

What is the complete file name exactly as you have it?

Infuse will look at the full filename, as it also handles TV shows which include relevant details after the year.

For example: Dr.Who.2005.S01.E02.The.End.of.the.World.mkv

Infuse also includes a number of special filters to ignore various words that can interfere with finding correct matches (1080p, DVD, HD, etc…) though ‘multi’ is not currently part of this list.

But if it detects the name and the year (which is good) it should be enough to apply that meta data to the movie. If the rest is unknow, just ignore. Why ditch everything?! This way there are way to much things to consider naming stuff… and it shouldnt.

Okay, since you don’t wish to provide the entire name of the file as you have it as requested I still think I know what your problem is.

The correct name of the movie is “I, Daniel Blake” 2016
Note the comma immediately after “I”. (It even shows you that in the photo you provided) That is the way the movie database has it listed so in order to get a match without having to search the comma is needed.

If you change your file name to “I,.daniel.blake.2016.multi.1080p…what ever you have” then it should find it automatically.

I just verified this using as much as your file name that you provided and it worked like a charm. Infuse picked it up first time all by itself. Without the comma it gives you the closest matches since the comma is used as part of the name and without it it won’t guess and that’s the way it SHOULD work.

The entire file name is i.daniel.blake.2016.multi.1080p.bluray.x264.mkv.

But my point is that I find it weird and unfriendly that Infuse isn’t capable if ignoring those things like Plex or Kodi does. Do you really want users to rename files after they notice that Infuse cannot fetch the data?

As I said, the correct name of the movie contains a comma as part of the name. I do not want infuse guessing on missing parts of the name automatically. I’d rather have the chance to see what the choices are and pick the right one. If you get the name 100% correct as the movie database has it then infuse will find it regardless of the wording after the year that denotes resolution, compression used, etc.

You did not have the name correct in your file name. It was missing the comma.

You made your point.
As I said the implementation is now really user unfriendly but it’s your choice to pick it up as an enhancement or not…

Is this the only file you are having trouble with, or are there others?

We’re always working to improve things in Infuse, but we get very few reports of widespread matching issues. Typically someone might have a handful of manual corrections they need to make in their whole library, and now that these corrections are syncing between devices via iCloud it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Dear Firecore, I have the same issue. Folder names like: Apollo13.1995.Blu-ray.x264.720p.Dual-KRM
And now I only have a bunch of folders, without thumbnails. Its quite annoying. The files which are not in folder are OK, thay have nice thumbnails and all metadata. Please help me setting it to show info, instead of folders.

Are you saying that you place all of your movies into individual folders with the same name as the movie file just without the extension? Are you putting other files in that same forlder and if so what kind? Just trying to understand what you’re looking at.

As you can see, the folder does not hold any info of the film (besides the filename).
Only the standalone files have metadata.

I would like to see my folders as movie thumbnails, with metadata shown in the description.

What’s inside these folders?

Infuse will flatten folders that contain a single movie, but if you have more that one video inside (EG trailer) then it will treat it as a regular folder.

Honestly, you may be best served by using the Library as it will display cover art for everything, no matter how you have things organized.

Yes I do. In fact friends of mine moved to Plex for its superior indexing. I like Infuse more but it’s very annoying to constantly check the “other” folder (which is also filled with all non indexed homevideos).
The year is always a problem (problem of the scraping site you use, the rest of the world uses the IMDb year) and if there is anything wrong in the filename (a . or a , or a whatever) it will not be found. You could fix it or have a corrections option in the interface for easy fixing things.

Am I the only person who renames a file once I’ve downloaded it? Or if I rip it myself, I just give it the name of the film, and the year.

Metadata gathering works for me 99% of the time.

Think so, why would you go over the trouble?! I used to use Xbmc/Kodi and it took care of everything. No manual things needed!