Is direct file play with emby possible?

I’m running infuse on Apple TV 4K with emby library. Since emby library can configure optional shared network folder option, which allow some clients to get metadata from emby and direct play video file over NFS or SMB. That helps reducing cpu usage on emby server.

I tried both NFS and SMB set as shared network folder option in emby, failed to get it to work. I’m wondering is this kind of direct file play possible?

I ask as I am new to Emby, and running it in a container on my QNAP NAS. I’ve also set up Jellyfin, which is a fork of Emby, and Jellyfin can transcode smoothly and decipher dolby vision effectively, but the emby iOS app can’t. I tried infuse at someone’s suggestion and that can, so seems odd that infuse can on iOS, and jellyfin can on iOS, but Emby cant?

All streaming from Emby will be done via direct play, with no transcoding.

Direct play will usually require a faster network connection compared to transcoding. You can run a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are getting by following the steps in this guide.

Direct Play vs Direct Streaming vs Transcoding

According to the emby statement, direct play could be done either by infuse getting video file data from emby server (http api) or infuse getting video file data from filesystem (eg, nfs). Is infuse able to use filesystem for direct play?

Yes, in essence Infuse gets the file location from the Emby server, and accesses it directly (direct play) without using any of Emmy’s transcoding or transmuxing features.

All the playback duties are handled by Infuse on the client device (EG Apple TV) and the load on the server will remain at the absolute minimum level, since it is just acting as a file server.

You can also set up a direct connection to the server (without using Emby) and Infuse will be able to access the same files using SMB, NFS, WebDAV, etc…

If using emby as library source, infuse access media file through emby which acting like a file server. Even if set shared network folder option in emby, infuse still play media file by emby (as file server), not direct access file by shared network folder.

Emby has better certification control than infuse, that’s why not adding media files direct into infuse. For example, hiding R-rated movies from kids.

It seams nfs has better performance than emby file server to me, that’s why I want infuse get patch-wall media through emby, and prefer direct access to nas by nfs while playing.

Thanks for your detailed explaination. I get what you talking about. Thanks.

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