Is Cast & Crew Bar limited in the number of persons displayable?

Was watching an episode of a TV show. Had a “who is that guy?” moment for one of the series/season regulars and decided to see where it was I knew him from. His cast member photo, however, surprisingly could not be found in the row with all the others. I had to Google him.

Discovering his name, I then searched for him on TMDB to see if that’s where the discrepancy was, but they correctly record him as being a series regular for all nine episodes of the season I was watching.

On searching his name in my Infuse library, a dozen theatrical and television titles that both feature the actor and live in my collection were promptly located — including the one for the season of the series I was watching. His name and photo, however, are still absent from the “Cast and Crew” bars for all that season’s episodes.

I’m on Infuse Pro 7.3.9 and my Library update was fully complete about thirty minutes before I first tried to look him up.

Maybe related to this issue here that I am having

I use Infuse almost exclusively on my AppleTVs (the only exception being iOS on my phone for troubleshooting scraping issues).

For me, each episode of a series or season has its own cast & crew info. Of course, this is dependent on the information on TMDB talking advantage of this. But I’ll see the bar change while tingling between episodes, not just when switching between seasons. ?