Is ATV4K + 4K tv + Infuse plug and play yet?

Have benen verk happy with atv4, Infuse and 1080p TV nog for a long time.
Considering upgrading both Tv and ate to 4K but reading a lot of the posts makes me wonder if things are mature yet.
To reach the right WAF things just have to work and when she presses play best possible picture and sound should come without any tweaking needed.

What I have picked up the last weeks are:

Need to manual adjust SDR/HDR, not OK
Manual adjustment of frame rate, not OK
Upscaling from 720/1080 to 4K not OK

So how is it really right now, is it as bad as above?

Frame rate and dynamic range adjustments is now automatic.
As for playing 1080p content on a 4K display, there needs to be spme upscaling done, be it by the TV or the Apple TV 4K.
…unless you buy a 1080p TV do play that 1080p content! :slight_smile:

So for time being there is no setting forcing Infuse to send out native resolution and always letting the TV do the upscaling?

Not AFAIK. Neither in Infuse or as an Apple TV system setting.

What a pity as I doubt any ATV4K app will ever do the upscaling as well as high quality TV can do. Or am I wrong here?

It is only the resolution upscaling that you cannot passthrough to the TV, but with SDR/HDR and frame rate taken care of manually I wouldn’t let that hold me back. The Apple TV 4K upscaling is really good. I used to have an Nvidia Shield TV and didn’t care for it’s upscaling, an Xbox One S which has pretty good upscaling and I like the Apple TV 4K the best. My 2016 Samsung TV does upscale a bit better, but it is by no means a deal-breaker. And it is probably better than some TVs, unless they have the best upscalers.

I don’t think Apple will add an option to match resolution. Apparently the reason they added the HDR/SDR and frame rate settings is because of TVs that only support Dolby Vision, etc. up to 30Hz, but not 60Hz.

Is it infuse or ATV making the upscaling?

Watching 1080p video on a ATV4K-4K TV vs ATV4 on a 1080p TV… What is your impression?

99% of the film/TV series we watch is natively in 720p/1080p.

1080p upscaling in the ATV4K is just as good as (I’d give it a little better than) my TV. Infuse doesn’t use the native player so it doesn’t upscale like other apps do, but they’re looking into it. The ponies are there, but it’s kind of user dependent. I have no issues with the quality.

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Much better with the 4K tv and Apple TV 4K combo for sure. The upscaling is very good