Is aTV Flash working for you?

Is anyone having a rough go at getting this software to work? Does it live up to your expectations? Would you buy it again or recommend to others? Just wondering what others were thinking.

I wish it were just a more stable product. Every update / change seems to make the aTV just that much less stable. I’m SO tired of seeing that silver Apple logo!


I’m saying this as a user and not a moderator. I really have not had a whole lot of problems with aTV Flash, but I also don’t have a complex set up like some members here. I don’t hook up any external drives or have any 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound video files, so I am happy with most of the basic functions of the patch. I do wish the developers of Couch Surfer, NitoTV, and Sapphire would get the bugs ironed out. I have a feeling that only two of those three plugins will still be around in the coming weeks.

Not that anyone cares but…POST 200! :lol: :smiley: :mrgreen: :!:

Have installed and re-installed three or four times now, everything installed and updated ok this time but I have the same ATV seems unstable when patched.

been using for almost a year now. Generally very good but some areas just don’t work properly :

Browsers - neither Couch Surfer or Firefox add-ins have ever worked to the point where they are actually usable. Perhaps the new Couch Surfer will work !
Flash - if you’re on Windows, forget it. Far too complicated to get it working - I’m no slouch on this sort of thing and I have never been able to get it to work.

Otherwise, really good.

I just bought an aTV last week and have been trying to get atv flash to work has anyone had a problem doing an install on a newer aTV if so do you have any suggestions on how to get this to work. It this point it shows the loader and goes through to the end then I restart the machine and it goes to the normal aTV screen with no new features to be found. I might be an idiot but I have followed the directions to the T and nothing anyone have a thought.

I have the same problem !!!
This doesn’t look right to me. I’ve paid for it, Where is MY part of the deal ???

To help troubleshoot your issue can you double-check the AppleTV and aTV Flash version your currently have installed?

The AppleTV version can be seen in Settings > General > About.

The aTV Flash version can be seen in Maintenance > About.

Just installed on one of the original Apple TV’s and it works great. I’m back to bliss with my AppleTV again…

I am using AirMouse on my iPhone and was pleased there was a driver for that also, but it is a bit kludgy as I have not gotten the keyboard to work (the pointer works great) while surfing the net.

I would say aTV Flash is still a bit on the bleeding edge (my AppleTV has already crashed while listening to Aussie Radio and surfing the net with AirMouse). There are a ton of things I would like to see like the ability to use the new Apple wireless mouse and keyboard. But overall I’m very impressed with all that aTV Flash can do now. Given that it comes with a year of free updates I have high expectations going forward.

Next up is to stick a 1TB USB drive for all of my files…

Not really, in my case it was a waste of $49.95 with no money back guarantee by the folks who run this site. This product is very unstable and I am afraid it will eventually screw up my Apple TV. Do not waste your money. Like many other posters I have had multiple problems to load and function properly.


At this point, I would say that spending the money on ATV Flash was a waste unless some decent level of functionality can be brought about. Here’s what I’m talking about by way of just a few selected examples:

  1. Hulu - Nothing plays via Hulu. I get the menu → Applications → Video → (select anything) and then press play and all I have is a completely black screen. Backing up to the Boxee menu screen one sees "Now playing (whatever I selected) but no sound and no video

  2. Joost – Exactly the same thing except substitute WHITE screen for black. Nothing else happens

  3. CNN - plays normally

  4. WB - Press “play” on a program selection and I get a black screen but at least with the clip menu at the right side and is says, “Now Playing” but it’s not and no sound either

  5. – Different scenarios according to what’s selected to play. Selecting SNL yields a black screen. Selecting NOVA gave me a black screen with rotating star which then switched after about 2 minutes to a white screen with rotating star. Worse… there was no control after that. Couldn’t back out. Had to hard boot the Apple TV.

Clearly, ATV Flash is a mess. I have the latest ATV ver. 3.1 AND ATV Flash ver 4.04.

The issues you describe are unfortunately widespread issues related to the Alpha version of Boxee. The upcoming Boxee beta should resolve most of them.

ATV Flash is not a waste of money. If you are only buying it to view Hulu content, then come back after Adobe flash is working.

I would LOVE to watch Hulu and other Adobe Flash based video on my Apple TV. One day, it will work again. Until then, I use ATV Flash for so much more. For me, being able to upload my own content to my Apple TV and not worry about converting it to a format iTunes can view is the best feature and worth the entire $50 bucks. External HD, keyboard and mouse, web surfing, can all be useful. Don’t get me wrong, Hulu via Apple TV would be my Killer App (no need for DVR functionality), but ATV Flash’s other features are still worth my purchase price.

I have only had my Apple TV for a little over a month and I have been using ATV Flash for 99.9% of that time. Except for the Adobe Flash problem, I have not had any other problems with ATV Flash. Installation was simple for me and it has been great! I don’t use the web browsing, so there could be other bugs there that are not hurting me. I know my wife would love it if we could watch The CW on Apple TV.

I reviewed Apple TV and ATV Flash on my podcast last week, if anyone wants to hear my more detailed input on ATV Flash. I am not trying to use this as a cheap plug, so I won’t post the URL. You can find it on my profile page.

My 2-cents.


I have used ATVFLASH for a month or two and rarely use the apple portion… I have upgraded the HD and use it mostly for view my collection of ISO’s with XBMC. I would love to use HULU but my NBC and CBS feeds work great - especially through XBMC… I am very happy :smiley: Well worth the investment - Cannot imagine being tied down to apples itunes again