Is AppleTV for me?

Newbie here, looking to purchase but have a question.

I am looking to use AppleTV to watch streaming “Live TV” from Europe and Asia. Sports, News etc.

If this is being done, what application plug-in would work best for this kind of streaming.


Are you looking for Internet streaming TV or over the air TV with an antenna? For Internet TV, your best bet is most likely going to be Boxee as they aggregate a lot of online video content into one nice place. For over the air TV, you can pick up an EyeTV or compatible product and run an older version of the EyeTV software on the Apple TV.

Thanks for your response. I am looking for internet streaming TV. I have looked at boxee without any success finding live feeds of Euro sports or Asian News networks. It seems to be geared more toward the larger networks. I will keep looking that direction.

Is anyone out there internet steaming TV from Asia and if so what works best with AppleTV?

thx again.