Is Apple still signing 5.3?

I might need to rejailbreak and friend of mine’s ATV2 that he might have mistakenly updated. Won’t know til tomorrow til i grab it if any blobs were saved, he didn’t have ATV flash (black) installed. Anyway, I might be forced to find out myself tomorrow, but has anyone tried to install 5.3 since 6.0 came out?

I expect that they are since 6.0 has been withdrawn (at leAst for now). I must admit I have not validated that 5.3 is still being signed by trying it myself.

I read about the withdrawal of 6.0 this morning so decided to restore my atv2 in itunes to see if it would download and install 5.3 so I could save the firmware signature. unfortunately it started to download 6.0 from apple. I’m in the UK btw, if that makes any difference…although I don’t know why they would withdraw 6.0 in certain countries only.

If they are still signing 5.3 then you do not need to first download the signatures.   If you are interestednin jailbreaking to 5.3 it might just be worth trying it with SeasonPass to see whatn happens.  It will fail if Apple are no longer signing 5.3 so your ATV2 would be in the same state as it is currently.  If the jailbreak succeeds then it should have saved your 5.3 signatures as a by-product.

I accidentally upgraded to 6.0 and was able to downgrade to 5.3 again using Seas0nPass (nothing previously saved)  Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but now looks to be running 5.3 tethered JB quite happily.

yes, yes they are as of today at least.  confirmed through jailbreak

just successfully jailbroke on 5.3 so apple is still signing

hi guys just restored to 5.3 tethered so apple are still signing it…

had to tell seas0npass not to save firmware signatures as everytime it tried it says iy was unable to but as soon as i said no dont save it went threw the creating ipsw stage and then restored strait threw in itunes…

i also used ifaith to get the shsh blobs for a later date.

Sweeeeet!!!   :D

Hi guys,


Anyone know if they are still signing 5.3 as of today?


Hey everyone, hope someone can help me out! I was just wondering if anyone knows if Apple is still signing 5.3. I just found (today) an apple tv 2 at a thrift store that refuses to boot up (stuck on apple logo) when i plug it into my tv. Was thinking of doing a factory reset to 6.0.1, then downgrading to 5.3, but wasn’t sure if it was safe to do so. Any help would be mucho appreciated. 

Yes they are mate well they were last night

Whoa, thanks! So would you think it safe for me to factory reset this stuck-on-apple-logo ATV2 and then tether JB 5.3 in seas0npass? 

Yes I would

I would try dumping blobs with ifaith first. 

why don’t you just check yourself.

Thanks for this, very helpful. An unsarcastic thank you to everyone else though.

What if one checked by JBing, and a error message came up? Is it my computer, or is it Apple? If someone posted that they had success with 5.3 that day, then you know it’s your computer, instead of giving away a ATV2 to a thrift shop because you think you can’t JB it. Does that answer your lazy question with no question mark Atanza?

Hi Flathead,

I don’t know if this helps but I had to do a re-flash 5.3 over 5.3 on thursday, 12/12/2013 at around 7pm gmt and my first problem was “activation unsuccessful” but that was my own fault, a quick re-jailbreak on another p.c. with seasonpass and all was well again.

sorry I can’t be of any more help mate…

The above has given me the strength to soldier on with the process. Gonna reset the ATV, save the blurbs, then tether JB to 5.3. Wish me luck y’all. I’ll update with a post regardless if it’s a resounding success or booming fail.