Is Anyone Listening?

I have been excited to join the beta and test Infuse on my AVP given that I have an extensive movie library and have a wide range of formats to test. My primary purpose was 3D ISO’s.

Frankly, my excitement has turned to sheer disappointment and as someone that has worked with iRobot , Ring (back when they’d were a small 3 person company known as Doorbot) , Eero and several others, I can say in my experienced this is the most disengaged, disinterested company. In my experience , they haven’t only missed the mark but failed to understand that a beta test is a partnership between company and unpaid testers doing this purely for the good of the overall product .

I have been given the old versions of this app and it continues to populate in my compactable section rather than in the native apps section . To try and fix this , I have left feedback, posted in this forum and tagged James and NC Bullseye, emailed them but despite any of this happening over several weeks nobody has bothered to give me an actual response or fix the issue. To this effect, I feel like I am wasting my time.

Does any tester in the community know how to fix this and step up since the company and its leadership will not ?

Sorry for the confusion and frustration here.

A public pre-alpha version of Infuse for AVP was released a few months ago. This was an initial release and features somewhat limited set of optimizations for AVP.

Development of Infuse 8.0 is now underway and beta updates with specific changes for Apple Vision Pro version will soon be available.

Note: The TestFlight group for Apple Vision Pro is separate from the normal beta group, and you can join this by following the steps here.

Hi James,

How do I get access to this ? I am told this AVP version specifically allows 3D ISO’s to work.

Thank you for your help.

The current pre-alpha version of Infuse for AVP does not support 3D content.

Thank you . That’s most interesting as someone I know tried it and it worked . They loaded a 3D Blu Ray ISO (Mario Brothers) and said it looked just as good as their TV.

What can I do to get access to this version just out of curiosity ? Thank you