Is a more modern GUI on it's way?

Infuse is my player of choice when connecting to my Plex server. It plays almost everything flawlessly. However I have a lot to ask for in terms of GUI. In my opinion the Plex Player is superior in that sense.
Much more information and easier to navigate and group content.

Is there any plans on updating the GUI to give it a more modern look?

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Are there any specific items you like about Plex that Infuse doesn’t have?

For me…and I appreciate some of them are scheduled for 7.5

Alphabetical jump list.

Filters that are usable (multiple filters).

When accessing any episode of a show from the library or continue watching or up next we should be able to go to both the season of that show and the home page of that show.

I recently added a show to my server so now having justvscrolled across “watching” to “recently added” I’m confronted with oversized horizontal tiles for the first episodes of each season of that 7 season show. (Well 6 of the seasons anyway, before it ran out of space)

More my personal preference now…
I despise those horizontal tiles with a passion. They waste so much space.
I despise garish artwork that does nothing but detract from everything else I want to look at.

A more minimalist option like Plex offer (optionally) would be great.

But to add Plex has No Spatial audio but a dev hinted it’s coming.
Plex are still working on lip sync issues that have been going on for months.
Then there’s fake DV (or as Plex like to call it…”a cool feature”.
So however much I dislike the UI of Infuse compared to Plex, Plex is pretty much unusable for anything beyond 1080p SDR.