Is 5.1/7.1 supported on macOS?

Yes, TrueHD and DTS-HD work fine. Spatial audio with head tracking with Airpod Pro even works on macOS even though its stated as upcoming feature. Odd, but true.

Thank u

Is Dolby Atmos 5.1 supported ?

Since we have 6 speakers maybe is it supported i mean?

Or at least,is Dolby Atmos (software one,the one that works with stereo setup /headphones) supported by macOS on MBP 14 and 16?

Is it supported on headphones (like Bose qc45 ) and internal speakers?

I’m having hard times finding infos about this

Are you sure this isn’t the Spatialize Stereo feature? I don’t believe it’s actually playing a multichannel audio stream yet.

You may be right, the head tracking is def working though. I dont really notice the surround effects as I am used my home theater seperation (with apple tv 4k) anyways.

i am not totally sure about what im saying ,but apple states on mbp 14/16 page that they have :

“Support for spatial audio when playing music or video with Dolby Atmos on built-in speakers”

and it says it has 6 speakers,does this mean you can play real 5.1 files ?

in any case ,even if it isnt truly 5.1,it supports dolby atmos (software one which is able to emulate the multipoint sound )at least ,as it says buil-in speakers

is this implemented and working on infuse ? i cant be sure

Hi. Yes, infuse and MacBook support Dolby Atmos, but only E-AC3 Atmos jog (ec3).

7.3 now includes support for multi-channel spatial audio.

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