Is 4.3 build of 8F455 still being signed????

just about to get an ATV2 and wanna know if 4.3 build of 8F455 is still being signed

a quick read of other threads would have got you this answer

So ATV Flash wont install for me on 4.2.2 it keeps asking me for a remote host password.  I was told to update the jailbreak to 4.3.  Does anyone out there know if 4.3 8F455 is still being signed???

Yes, it is. I just completed a jailbreak using 4.3 (8F455) a couple of hours ago.

Yes, Completed a 8f455 this evening…


Wow, I had read somewhere that the had stopped signing 4.3 but I was also able to restore a custom 4.3 firmware this evening.  Long live untether!!

I cannot flash stock 4.3 without the help of TU TSS. However I was/am able to save the blobs for 4.3… maybe because that was the currently loaded iOS?!? Not sure.

I found that checking your hosts file and removing any instances of and apple addresses worked for me


still signed as of today 12/11/11 I did a jailbreak on a new out of the box ATV2