IPv6 on SMB Share

Hi everyone

I generally love Infuse and it works quite reliably for me (especially since the last few updates with sync of downloaded content).

However there is one thing, that seems to not be working. I have DualStack internet at home (IPv4 & IPv6) and a static IPV6 prefix. Hence I can route IPv6 and assign a static IP to my NAS. I can connect to it no problem from my Desktop (using hostname/dns and directly entering the ip address) and connect to its web service from my phone (also IPv6). What won’t work is connecting to the SMB share in Infuse (using IPv6). IPv4 works no problem.

Is this a known limitation?

Can you connect to the ipv6 share using SMB in the iOS files app?

Yes, works no problem. (ipv4, ipv6 and dual stack dns entry.)

Unfortunately IPv6 is not supported for SMB at this time.

This is a limitation of the SMB stack used by Infuse, but is something I’m told will be added in the future.

Ok, thank you for the clarification!

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