ipsw doesn't work on apple tv2 only tethered works

I can not use ipsw on my apple tv2 I can only tether it to my computer. I have the latest version of seasons pass and atvflash black 6.1 when i tried to ipsw season pass crashes or if I happened to get passed that as soon as i disconnect the usb and reconnect the power and the hdmi the light just flashes and nothing happens.


You can’t unplug the power or you’ll lose your jailbreak.

okay thanks. I’m up and running but I did a tethered jailbreak first I did ipsw with only the micro plug when it was done i plugged in the power and did a tethered. Once the tethered was done I disconnected the micro and plugged in my hdmi. everything works fine but does this mean if I ever unplug it or I lose power I lose the jailbreak? 

It means you need to repeat the tethered boot step. You do not need to repet the earlier stages of the jailbreak. After doing such a tethered boot you will find the software you have installed and all your settings are intact.


FIXED: :wink:

…you do NOT need to repeat the earlier stages of the jailbreak…