iPlayer on AppleTV 2

 I’m getting to grips with aTV Flash and ATV generally…slowly. I don’t watch a lot of live tv but do occasionally watch iPlayer on my MacBook. Can I watch it on my ATV through the Media Player or do I have to install Plex?

 I looked at installing Plex but got stuck on the first step when it asked me something about a server!!! I have no idea what it’s looking for.

Any clear instructions anywhere?



As far as I know the iOS version of iPlyer does not run on ATV2.  

As it would be up to the BBC to handle the port to ATV2, I do not see it ever happening except on the obscure chance they get together with Apple and it gets wrapped into the ATV2 standard firmware.

There are YouTube videos of iPlayer being used on Apple TV2 using Plex but I can’t work it out. 

I’ll sort it I’m sure.