iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player and the rest on ATV black

I had mixed success navigating using the built in browser to display BBC iPLayer, then navigate within the player and play the videos. Would it be possible to have these integrated into the main menu, through the Firecore installation in upcoming updates?

It would be superb to be able to use these players quickly and easily without installing other media players/media hubs such as Plex or XBMC…

No reason why it doesn’t just boot a cut down version of the browser within which is the on demand TV website, but it’s nice to have that in the top level navigation of the ATV UI.

24 views and no replies?

Could we add this in for a future update?

A stable web player for all the On Demand TV services here in the UK?

Unfortunately the browser navigates to the BBC iPlayer site but can’t seem to play any content, same goes for the others…

I’d personally love to see that.  The best Ive manged is from within Plex, but the transcoding and subsequent streaming isn’t fast enough to keep the sound in sync with the picture.  As for XMBC, the plugins are not natively installed in the ATV2 port, and I’m not confident to install myself via ssh - unless someone can write a simple (and I stress simple, mum and dad simple, not a linux power user) guide to do this.

The best we can hope for at the moment is for at least the bbc to allow airplay from our iDevices to ATV.

Thinking about it, the Beeb have recently released a native iPad iPlayer app, I wonder if this could be made to run natively on ATV?

+1 for bbc iplayer support