iPhone X

finished setting up my iPhone X and Infuse is working on it, but… I’m really looking forward to 5.6 to clean up the interface errors and the home indicator.

When’s 5.6 gonna drop, james? This app is second only to Messages in most used on my iPhone! :wink:

I agree, this can’t come soon enough. Looking forward to it!

We’re very close, and are working hard to get it out next week. :wink:

Nice – thanks for the great work!

I keep pulling to refresh the updates section of my App Store every few hours ?

5.6 is now available for iOS and Apple TV. :smiley:

Awesome - just grabbed it. Great work, guys!

Thanks for this… Watching a high bit-rate Planet Earth II Blu-Ray rip gives some black screens for a bit, but works fine after a while.

Hmm, if you see this again can you drop us a quick note from the app so we can look into this?

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