iPhone X bug - 1px green vertical bar

Running iOS 11.1.2 (15B202) and Infuse Pro 5.6.2 (1875)

Playback of local files on iPhone X now include what appears to be a 1px green vertical bar on the right side of the video. This green line appears in different files but they all appear to be .mp4 as I do not see the same issue with .mkv playback. It also appears both in normal aspect ratio and also when playing fullscreen.

There have been reports of this happening on some iPhone X systems even when not running inFuse. Not sure if it is a hardware related issue or something at the iOS level.

I am aware of those reports but this is not my case. You will note that I said this bar did not appear when playing back .mkv files. I also did not see this bar in the previous release of Infuse nor do I see this bar anywhere else within iOS. I believe it is a bug introduced with the latest release of infuse.

Thanks for the report!

We’ve managed to replicate this here (it’s only affecting a very small percentage of videos) and are working on a fix.

Excellent! Glad you could replicate it.

This has been fixed for the upcoming 5.6.3 update. :slight_smile:

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