iPhone SE LCD HDR clipping

Hello playing HDR/DV on SE 2022 has big Shadow clipping when watching dark scenes and details are lost, this is solved by enabling screen recoding where the display is much brighter and all the details in dark scenes are fully viewable and no issue, can this be solved for LCD iPhones? @james

Are you able to upload a sample video which exhibits this issue when played on your device?


I have uploaded the file invasion.2021.s02e06.hdr.2160p.web.h265-nhtfs-sample.

It seems LCD on this device cannot seem to show super low Shadows like oled as this image below can only be seen down to number 3 and oled can go to 1 but with screen recording on it puts brightness to the max in dv and hdr and shows more Shadow details

And when playing DV content is helps a lot if I turn off extended Dolby vision setting with screen recording on as it’s bad with it on via default