iPhone made videos (MOV HEVC) stutter and freeze on Apple TV 4K and Infuse 5 Pro


I keep all my movies on Synology DS214 Play NAS. I use latest Infuse 5 Pro on Apple TV 4K. When I play movies (mainly mkv files, also HEVC) everything works great. File sizes are often over 30GB. But when I try to play video made with iPhone 8 or X imported as original HEVC MOV file, the video freezes after 2-3 seconds and the loading wheel is spinning. The mentioned video is small - about 800MB. Do you know what can cause such problems? Is Infuse 5 Pro has problems playing iPhone made HEVC videos? It definitely doesn’t seem to be an issue with bandwidth or network connection. Does anyone else encounter similar issues?

Hmmm, that is definitely a little strange.

Would you be able to send in a sample video that you are seeing this issue with so we can try replicating this issue here?

Hi James,

I’ve just uploaded sample video file. Hope you’ll be able to reproduce the issue and solve it. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Got it.

Will take a look. Thanks!