iPhone/iPad Details View Suggestions

I started coming up with a few suggestions to the iPhone/iPad ticket details view. Let me know what you think. I noticed that lots of people were asking for information and there just isn’t room. I also made some example images (see attached). I only worked on portrait, but landscape could be done too, although a little differently.

  1. Here are the major changes: I added three tabs below the art to switch between Movie, File and Extras view (See screenshots for each).
    a. The Movie view is what is already shown. Added Release Date.
    b. File shows the details about the file, encoding, video, audio, etc.
    c. Extras is the place to put trailers, and any other video (Commentary, Delete Scenes, Pixar Shorts) that accompanies the feature title. This could be assigned through xml file, but trailers should be there by default.
  2. I added the bottom of the ticket which was only visible when you pressed “More…”. This was always visible in landscape and makes it seem more complete.
  3. I took out the More button and moved the other buttons inside. The text was removed since the icons are fairly self explanatory. Also, not sure how share is used at the moment so just removed it for now.
  4. I made the spacing above and below the people info (Genre, Director, Cast, Writers) the same.
  5. The new age rating tag was a little big and now that we have Library filter for it, doesn’t need to be so prominent. Reduced the size and made background a little transparent.
  6. Added “HD” rating tag which could be “SD | HD | UHD”
  7. User ratings. I tap the stars and nothing happens. Can you not rate in the iPhone version?
  8. Add 3D Touch for Peek and Pop on a thumbnail to get movie details. Add app quick action to quick jump to currently watching, Library-Movies, Library-TV Shows, List of Unwatched
  9. Add a Library filter “by Movie Length” (sometimes you only have time for a 90 minute movie, etc).

I guess #7 was done through the share button. Would be quicker if you just tap the stars to pick. Then you could remove the share button entirely (#3).

No thoughts? Just peek at the attachments, no need to read all the text (Those details are more for James).

Thanks for taking the time to put these detailed thoughts together.

We’ll discuss a few of these internally and see if it makes sense to integrate a few of them for a future update. :slight_smile:

No problem. Just helping to make Infuse even more awesome!

Trailers should be just a small button on the ‘main’ ticket… imo :slight_smile:

James, the “File” information is something I miss in aTV version quite a lot. Info like Audio/video streams, fps, etc. is quite handy.

I was trying to keep it from getting too busy on the main page. Attached an example with trailer button. Moved other tags to top.

Would do :slight_smile: