iPhone Infuse 4 HDMI video output to TV offset and cropped

I am using an iPhone 6s with Infuse 4 and a HDMI adapter to stream video from the iPhone to a LED TV. This worked fine before. I haven’t used it recently and have upgraded the iPhone to iOS 11.3. When I now tried to stream to the TV, the iPhone image (even the Infuse menu screens) displays properly but when I start up a video the image gets shifted to the upper left and part of the image is off the screen. I have tried different resolutions with no success. I have tried multiple videos that used to display fine, but now they don’t. Can you tell me if there is a setting that needs changed or if this is a problem with compatibility with the new iOS? Just need someway to center the video image on the TV so it is not cropped.

We’re looking into a few cases of this, and will have a fix available in an update for Infuse 5 soon.

We believe this has been resolved in today’s 5.6.2 update.

Thanks for your patience.

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