iPhone "Dynamic Island" scaling not the best possible

Hi, just got an iPhone 15 Pro and I noticed right away that only the “official” Apple TV app has the perfect scaling of videos without Dynamic Island intruding in the content…

Check here:

2.00:1 movie (no black bars in the file)

Apple TV app (wider frame)

Infuse Pro app (frame scaled down a little too much)

Can someone update Infuse optimizing the scaling just like the Apple TV app please?

Starting with iPhone 15 every model has the new “Dynamic Island” notch so it seems like a very important issue to fix…

Thanks for the help!


I was able to calculate a 2266x1179 “active area” in landscape mode

2266x1179 = 1.92:1 aspect ratio

If I’m not mistaken that would require 11.3% scaling on the long axis

I’m no expert but I think it can be done fairly easily…

The scaling would also depend on the image ratio of the movie of course. There are some narrower ones too. What I find interesting is that video players treat both sides as if they had dynamic island and don’t use, at least for narrower movies, the obstacle-free bottom part much.

That’s why I took two screenshots from the same movie with the same aspect ratio: 2.00:1

They should be the same and they aren’t:

Infuse Active Area: 2202x1100

Apple TV Active Area: 2266x1130

You are right, the image is centered despite the fact that one side doesn’t have the notch…

But I think centering is still more elegant than shifting the image to the left/right side

if the movie is not tall (there are 21:9) then why not use the notchless side completely? if the corners are not used anyway…

I have no idea why they chose to “center” the frame anyway

Maybe Infuse developers can look into it. It could be an iOS limitation (safe area)