iPhone Dev Team just released Redsn0w .09.10b1

This version allows 5.01 untethered jailbreaking on A4 devices.  Hopefully Seas0nPass will be updated soon to allow this also.

More info - http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/14857834236/untethered-holidays


I think we can hope to see a Seas0nPass update soon!

We know 4.4.3 will be an untethered jailbreak as pod2g discovered this. The question is will 4.4.4 be a untethered jailbreak?


I would assume so. iOS 5.0.1 = ATV 4.4.3 and 4.4.4.

I’d bet the exploit applies to 4.4.4 and that that is what we’ll be seeing with the updated Seas0nPass. The same exploit is present in all current versions of iOS 5 running on A4 chips.

I would agree as well. It will be nice to have iCloud and native airplay finally with an untethered solution. :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be nice. I’m running 4.4.3 and take my aTV with me everywhere I go, but it bugs me to take out my MBP all the time just to run a tethered JB. Hopefully this will be out soon!

Should be soon! http://twitter.com/#!/firecore/status/151690808452595712