iPhone Connects to Synology NAS; Apple TV 4K, 4 & iPad CANNOT!

I recently downloaded Infuse to my Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4, and my iPhone 7+ & iPad. My media files are on my Sinology DS218 NAS connected to an ethernet switch thru which my entire house is wired Cat5e ethernet. So everything is wired with the exception of the iOS device which connect via WiFi thru Netgear Orbi network.

In short, Infuse WORKS GREAT via my iPhone-- and ONLY my iPhone. I can see my Movie folder (containing 4K MKV files) just fine in Infuse on iPhone, but strangely NO OTHER DEVICE with the Infuse app can connect to my NAS. I’ve read every post on setting up this Synology NAS for SMB, NFS, etc. and it DOES WORK just fine with iPhone. But, it does not enable any other connection from any other device.

My primary interest is using Infuse to watch 4K MKV files on my NAS via Apple TV 4K, but that won’t even find my NAS.

HOWEVER, I do know every Apple TV in my house can connect just fine to the NAS because I have an iTunes server sharing files via a Mac Mini and have had no problems watching movies on these Apple TVs using the iTunes server streaming movie files from the NAS.

Any thoughts/ideas on what would be creating this issue? Likely network settings, but where to adjust? My NAS? My wifi router?

Appreciate any and all responses except those stating to buy another device like a Shield. I’m locked & committed to iOS/MacOS/TVOS and won’t switch. Just need to solve this one problem.


Welcome to the forum and sorry your having problems!

What kind of error message are you getting? It sounds like it could be a user needs to be set up in the NAS with the right permissions. When you say you can stream itunes from your nas it sounds as though your Mac is getting the data from the nas and then the mac is sending it to your ATV so the ATV and NAS aren’t really talking, the Mac is acting as a go between or so it sounds. I don’t do the iTunes thing so I can’t say for sure.

I use Synology NAS as well and just setup infuse pro yesterday. I went to settings, shares and created a new share. It automatically found my NAS devices and all I had to do was enter the credentials and it found my shared folders. Are you saying that your NAS devices are not even showing up on the “Share” screen? Have you checked to see if “SMB” is turned on in Synology?


Thanks for the replies. I figured it out! My Netgear Orbi wifi system was creating TWO DIFFERENT subnets for some reason. I had some devices (both wifi and direct Ethernet connected) with IPs of 192.168.1.XX and others with 192.168.21.XX, so that only my iPhone and my NAS were on the same network (192.168.21.XX). So I reset everything such that my entire network is now only one IP range and now Infuse works BEAUTIFULLY. It does EXACTLY what I’ve been manually doing in iTunes-- loading files, adding metdata with Subler, organizing, etc. In fact, I may likely move my entire library (movies, music, photos) over to Infuse and dump my iTunes setup since it’s seems to work much better. And the fact it natively plays my ripped MKVs without my having to convert to MPV or MP4 for Apple TV 4K or iTunes to be able to play it is huge.

Plus, this support forum has be great-- so kudos to Firecore for a great product and strong community support. I am now a subscriber and will continue to do so to help advance and invest in Infuse 6 & beyond.

Cheers all.


Glad to hear all is working like it should!

Thanks for letting us know what the gremlin was.