iPhone Apple TV remote, from control center often lacks +/- 10 sec icons

When launching the iPhone Apple TV remote from control center, it often lacks +/- 10 sec icons when a film is already playing.

When starting a film (from control center remote App), these icons appear. When launching the App from the phone (not the control center version), I do consistently get the +/- 10 sec icons when a movie is playing.

Using latest iPhone OS.
Anybody having similar experiences?



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Have you checked if it works with other apps? Like Amazon Prime, Netflix or other. Then if you are on iOS 12 beta (I don’t know) it could a bug in the app TV remote.

Thanks for the hint for checking consistency across other Apps. Only have Netflix, it also “suffers” the same issue… +/- 10 sec when launching movies/show, but then when you return, no +/-10 sec icons.

Might be worth grabbing the latest iOS and tvOS 12 updates that were released today to see if installing them helps.

Updated all systems to iOS12, now seems to be working well. Getting +/- 10sec from control center, as well as App.

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