Iphone app free ... ipad NOT ? ...but already subscriber..!? Pro or not? What is going on here !?!?

Hi ! New user here … First and foremost, FINALLY I found a product that does what I need ! I love it! Simple streaming from my Router attached storage, to my apple tv. NO HASSLES ! (except for metadata on extras material, but nevermind that now)

But, I am quite confused about the option Infuse has regarding apps, prices, subscriptions, bundles, life-time-offers and so on…

I downloaded the app - FREE - for my apple TV. Great. Got it all setup. Works great. Perfect.

I downloaded the app - FREE - for my iphone. Great.

Decided to subscribe – just to support the product. At first monthly, but certainly the “life-time-user”, which shows up on my apple-tv-infuse, if I enjoy the product in the future to come. Subscription works good … plays all my files.

So, decided to try and sync with my iPad. Now the App itself cost 299,- kr ! (like 50$) … for the app ? Infuse Pro 5, or even more for Infuse pro 6. There is no free non-pro-app. And I am already a subscriber ?? What the hell.

And what is the pro-app anyways? Does it do something else entirely ? And now I am all confused about what I need to get. Infuse 5 or 6, pro or not ? Subscribe is not the same as pro? Pro has more features or what ? What about a bundle with both infuse 5 pro and 6 pro ? Why would anyone need that ???

HELP :smiley:

thx !


Welcome to the forum!

If you are subscribed to Pro on Apple TV, you can simply download the free ‘Infuse 6’ app on your other devices, and your Pro subscription will be automatically recognized.

Alternatively, Pro is available as a one-time purchase via the paid ‘Infuse Pro 6’ app. This contains the same features as your Pro subscription, but will not include updates to future major releases (v7, v8, etc…).

Full details on the differences can be found here.

thx for reply – perfect ! I thought pro-app and pro-subscription was two different things… :slight_smile: