Iphone and Ipad are in Sync ... but NOT AppleTV !?

Having an issue that I cant get my head round ! Driving me nuts, so any help appreciated :slight_smile:

New user, so not a black belt in Infuse yet…

I set up the Infuse on my apple-tv. Connected to my Netgear R7000 routers attached USB-storage. Worked almost flawlessly. Loved the app – upgraded to the Pro-version, then downloaded for both my iPhone and iPad.

I thought all settings would sync up automatically – which didn’t happen. Icloud sync and Trakt are turned ON and LOGGED IN on all devices. Well, I joined my network-storage manually on the ipad and iphone. And then everything looked good.

BUT, it seems only my Ipad & Iphone are synced up – the ‘watched’ list syncs between those two devices. The Apple-TV is still running its own show…

How can I work around this ?? …read all posts I can find on syncing and as far as I can tell, I am doing everything right…

Hope someone can help ! Thx

When you loaded Infuse on the ATV did you physically enter shares and passwords or did you just install it, launch it and let it do everything itself?

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Not exactly sure what you mean … I installed infuse on the apple-tv first, so there was nothing to ‘sync up to’. I manually directed Infuse to my shared network (smb://readyshare/USB_Storage), but I didnt type in any advanced stuff. Just selected it. Then I selected 5 media folders to “add to favorites”, and Infuse did the rest…

Then I did the same on my phone… and my Ipad. Somehow my iphone and ipad synced up … but not the apple-tv… makes sense ?

I think I understand what you’re saying.

For some reason and I have no idea why it is but I too encountered issue when I didn’t let additional devices load their own info off iCloud. I ended up deleting Infuse from all but one device, I then made sure that one ATV had a chance to do a complete iCloud sync. (Wartching it on the Library settings screen and waited till it finished the iCloud sync). Then I downloaded Infuse to the next devices and did NOT enter any data, I just went from the Welcome to Infuse screen to the settings for Library and watched the status notes. It starts off with "Syncing To iCloud. It took a while but it does get all of your share info, metadata and status. You may have to check some of the other settings like Share Analytics, Subtitles to your choice, I have mine set to Forced only, and a few others but the vast majority of settings will be handled through the iCloud sync.

I just didn’t have the patience the first time and I didn’t let it do it’s thing. That’s when I had a similar issue with not syncing watched status and a few other quirks but after the above, all is super. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying this is the only way to get from point A to point B but this is what I did and it worked. :wink:

I understand :slight_smile: So simply a glitch – so start over, is what you’re saying :slight_smile:

…How can you watch if the iCloud has synced up ? I can only see whether it is turned on or not … not how it is actually doing the syncing…

On the ATV you can go to Settings, Library, and under where you see the Movie, TV Shows, Other totals it will give you the status and when done it will say something like Last Updated…" with a date/time. I “Think” it’s in the same place on iOS versions but I don’t have my phone handy to confirm. On iOs it may have to be in the portrait orientation to see it but that’s a foggy memory if correct.

Note, when you see the “Last Updated…” watch it for a minute or two to make sure it doesn’t go back to iCloud sync. For some reason iCloud sync may happen a few times occasionally and if you let it settle all seems to work best.

Well … didnt work.

Deleted the app from my Ipad and Apple-TV, but left it untouched on my iPhone. Then re-installed on the two devices. Ipad - synced up immediately. Didnt have to type anything at all. Apple-tv didnt sync…

The weird thing is, that apple-tv recognised that I have a PRO subscription, … but didnt sync anything else…

It takes a while for some reason on the ATV. I thought mine was not doing anything but I just set sleep to 10 hours and screen saver to 1 hour I think it was and let it go, it will finally start and if you see the message syncing to iCloud it’s going. Give it some time.

The last time I did it the ATV took about 3 hours.


I dont know how or why but this fixed it:

The apple-tv seemed to be the problem. Deleting the app, and re-installing did not solve the problem. BUT; deleting the app, logging OUT from my apple-id-account on the Apple-tv, logging back in again, re-installing the Infuse app … FIXED IT.

So - hopefully if anyone else encounters the problem, this will (or NC Bullseye’s suggestion) will fix it. …such a simple solution, but as always – until you know it, it can drive you mad ! :smiley:

Just goes to prove that digital science is based in magic. :slight_smile: Thanks for getting back with the info!!

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