iPhone 13 Pro Max Zoom Problem

I’m using the infuse app using iPhone 13 Pro Max. But there’s such a black bar in the standard zoom on the screen. But the nplayer app looks so normal. I wonder what’s wrong with this The VLC app also looks normal. Only the infuse app is weird.

majority of my videos have have problems in the infuse app.
vlc and nplayer are all okay, but only the infuse app is the problem.

Can you try tapping the zoom button in the upper left corner (next to the PiP icon)?

Sorry, I wrote it in a hurry, so it’s hard to understand
First of all, there is no letterbox in the video I have, but the problem is that black letterboxes appear on the top, bottom, left, and right sides.
When I press the zoom button, the image fills the screen and the left and right parts of the image are partially cropped.
I want to view the video in full screen without cutting the left and right or top and bottom parts.

I want to view the part marked in blue in full screen without cropping it.

This photo shows that there is no letterbox in the video. (in Macbook infuse app)

This is the screen I want. (made with photoshop)

Most of the videos show this bug when playing videos I own on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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