iPhone 12 Pro Max HDR playback frame juddering

There seems to be frame stutter/judder every 2 or so minutes on latest iOS and also affects all versions of infuse, some HDR movie file play without stuttering but some files have stutter/ juddering every now and then

What iOS? You reference latest but is that release latest or beta latest?

Is this also apparent in Infuse 7.0.7?

How are your shares connected? SMB, FTP, etc?

iOS 14.6 with latest infuse and with playing local files on the device and not network streaming

Since 7.0.7 has only been out 3 days is this the version?

Yes 7.0.7, also had the same issue with infuse 6 etc, it would always judder with playback of HDR mkv local playback at 1080p or 4K files at times

It’s this issue Playback issues on 2021 ATV4K - #20 by gadgtfreek

Are these files stored locally on your device or are they being streamed?

Does having them local make a difference?

Is the same issue present if you play one of these HDR samples?

Does the same thing happen with Netflix or iTunes HDR content?

Everything is 100% local, never stream, pretty much any video file has massive stuttering now and then, VLC and others have never stuttered once

@james have you found a fix so this issue is finally behind us as I want to use this player but cannot currently?

Did you try the files he provided a link to? I didn’t see where you had answered this.