IPadOS beta 5, downloaded files doesn’t show up


Decided to try the Beta 5, and have an issue on my iPad Pro 3. When I download a file to watch offline, the file doesn’t show up in Infuse 6.1.4. I can see the file in the Files app though, in the Infuse folder.

Any suggestions?


Update. It seems that killing Infuse and restart it solved the issue.

Is this a recurring issue for you? Is it any different under iPadOS 13b6?

Don’t know. I’m using the public beta, and 6 is not available yet (only developer beta 6)

I believe developer b6 is the same as public b5.

Does this happen consistently for you, or was it just a one-time occurrence?

I just tried the same thing again, and this time I had no issues. It appears to have been a one time issue.


Ok great, thanks for following-up.

Do let us know if anything like this pops up again.

No problem

Will do


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