iPad ?

Hi !

Maybe this is not the right forum, but… do you have any plans for a “iPad Flash” ???

Like you have set the aTV “free”, I think many of the future iPad owners, would like to “free” their iPads, and like to have Flash-support etc.

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Well, the iPad is much more like the iPhone OS than the “Apple TV OS” (a simple, reduced but not so tweaked Mac OS X). It would be the work of an iPhone pwnage team. But we never know…

I have to agree, you probably have to talk with the team concerned with the hardware to make it work, or hack it on your own to attach flash support( though I am leaning that the latter will be too cumbersome to actually pull off). 

Their supposed workaround should be good enough to be functioning generally but there is still a great requirement for native flash to be supported.