iPad user of the Pro Version wants to install Pro Version for Mac for free as promised. Problems

I am an since many years Infuse Pro User for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. I was happy to hear that it is finally also available on Mac Plattform and that I can upgrade for free as a current Pro User.

This is the original Text on your Website.

Upgrade for free!

Infuse 7 is a free automatic update for all Infuse Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime) and is waiting for you in the App Store. Seriously …go grab it! :slightly_smiling_face:

The all-new macOS app is available as a free download on the Mac App Store, and active Pro subscriptions can be restored and shared with family members without any additional costs. :raised_hands:

After I downloaded the infuse Mac Version, I found no way to use my free upgrade. The only way was to use the normal upgrade path, but this is not free. Can anyone help me. I have the yearly payment subscription.
Looking forward to hear from someone. Thanks

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Edited: I see you have a yearly sub so it you should be able to install it. Make sure the app store Apple ID is the same on the Mac as the ID that has the subscription is the first check.

Edit: Do you see a “Restore” option in the Mac version?

I dont see the Restore Function. Please tell me where it is!

On macOS, the Restore button is in the top right corner of the purchase prompt.

Ok I got it! Yes this „restore“ button is there! When I activate it there is some time a busy sign and than nothing happens! When I check in the settings the subscription my data is valid and the subscription is shown! I love your product and to have the solution would be great! Thanks a lot

Are you using multiple Apple IDs by chance?

You’ll want to check the ID used for ‘Media and Purchases’ shown in your Mac’s System Preferences > Apple ID window is the same ID you used to subscribe with.