iPad to iPad transfer

Shiny new iPad Pro 2021 and an old iPad. I have now set up both with Infuse. The old iPad has loads of files on it…and I really don’t want to transfer them all via my PC or even have to download them off my NAS or via some cloud service.

Infuse let me set up the old iPad as an FTP share on my new iPad (authentication worked) but every file I then try to transfer fails?


Can you airdrop the files from the old to the new?

Thanks, but that didn’t work. Something weird is going on. I tried AirDropping 20 TV show files…it took forever to send and then failed.

I set both iPads up to FTP in Infuse and used CyberDuck on my Mac, thinking I could transfer from window to window, but that failed.

I used an FTP app on the new iPad, connected to the old and couldn’t copy anything.

So then I just used the old iPad and tried to copy from CyberDuck to my Mac. That failed.

Loaded my old iPad via FTP on the desktop…and I couldn’t copy anything off it.

It’s like there’s something is wrong with the files on the old iPad. I noticed in CyberDuck that they had the owner of “mobile” and permissions of 644, but it also wouldn’t let me change those. Not sure if that is an issue?

Think I might just have to sit and re-download file by file off my NAS. Was hoping to avoid that…it’s 400+ files to download!


I am not 100 % sure, but iOS can not run as FTP Server. You can have FTP client running on iOS. So that will allow you to up/download files from any FTP Server (like Mac or Dropbox etc.) But acting as Server is not possible. So I doubt you can down load file from an ipad or upload files to an ipad using FTP. In you scenario one iPad would work as FTP Client and the other would be FTP Server. As this is afaik not working, you are failing.

Thanks. I managed to use an app called Phone View to start to get files off my old iPad onto my Mac…but as that was only going to be half the process, I gave up and just spent all night sitting adding files to the new iPad straight from my NAS server.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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