iPad to Apple TV volume bug

There is a strange bug that is present in the app and it relates to the volume level.

After AirPlay’ing a video to the TV and without disconnecting from the same wifi network, playing another video on the same iPad with audio going to newly-connected Bluetooth headphones causes the volume to be unchangeable in the app. In other words, it stays the same no matter which way you move the slider. To change the volume you have to use iPad’s own volume control buttons.

It’s as if the app still thinks that it’s AirPlay’ing stuff when it is not, because AirPlay’ing things surrenders volume control to the output audio device…

To kick the app out of this trance-like state, I close the app and disconnect from wifi and bluetooth. Then I turn on Bluetooth again, connect to my headphones and then fire up the app. Works like a charm every time.

Can you please dig into what’s happening?

Hmm, we’ll take a look.

5.6 will be out soon too, which could potentially help.

I had this issue the other day again. Seems like it has not been fixed.

Guys, this is still not fixed, what is the plan to resolve this issue?

James, may I ask if any investigation has been done into this? It causes pain every time I AirPlay something unless I then connect my iPad to another Bluetooth device to “reset” things. This is not normal.