iPad split-screen issues

It seems that Infuse does not play nice with split-screen multi-tasking on the iPad:

  • Switching between apps in the right-hand pane causes playback to pause until that app loads
  • Adjusting the app divider causes playback to pause until the divider is in the desired position.

How come?

This is a ‘feature’ of iOS. Apps are paused under different circumstances, and I don’t believe we have a way to workaround that.

I beg to differ. Just tried to have YouTube play a video while doing the same and no stoppages while sliding out (and overlaying the video causing the background to go grey), no audio pause while adjusting the split slider and no stutters when changing apps. If they can make it work…

Apps like YouTube use the native iOS playback core, which is afforded special privileges.

Can you please clarify what you mean and why Infuse cannot use the same core? As far as I know, all apps are equal or is it because Infuse has to do on-the-fly hardware decoding?

Using the native player is different than how apps like Infuse play videos.

Anything that is h.264 based can be used with PiP (which uses the native player) which should avoid this issue entirely.

So PiP uses the native player but the split-screen one does not?

Correct. Split screen is just a shrunken down version of the Infuse app. PiP is Infuse doing some magic to pipe videos to Apple’s native PiP player.