iPad question

I usually use the infuse 6 pro (up to date) on a AppleTV 4K and decided to use the app on my iPad. Installed it, it connected and filled in all my favourites. Did it smoothly.
Now, the problem, on the library screen, I only see 30 all movies or 30 all tv shows. Where do I see the complete list?
In files, I can see whatever is in each favourite. I went to the tv show “Big Valley” but no poster. Others had posters. Went to thetvdb and poster is there. The atv app has the poster.
There are 4 seasons, and under the poster view, all seasons had their proper posters. When I clicked in the upper right corner and chose the list view, posters disappear and show only a folder for each season. I switched The view back and posters return. Is this normal?
I had no issues with the episodes, everything looked good.
I realize this app is different, but I was hoping somethings would be the same on both apps.

Further investigation produced some answers for above. I finally found the all tv show, I thought the “>” symbol ment to slide the strip to the right. I touched by accident and found what I was looking.
The issue with big valley tv show is only in the files view. Under library it works.
Strange way to do things. Why does the files view not show what the library view shows.