iPad Pro USB-C to HDMI hub - Video Playback not working

Just got a new USB-C hub and tried to play video on an external monitor and 4K TV, however nothing is appearing on the screen when the video is in playback. The iPad and external displays mirror normally, and I do hear sound while the video is playing but all I see is a blank screen.

Tried 10-12 different videos, all the same issue.

Welcome to the forum!

We have a few fixes in progress for the upcoming 5.9.3 update which will resolve issues with HDMI output in some cases.

Let me know if you’d like to try the beta early, and I can get you set up with TestFlight.

Thanks! Using Infuse for a long time now, but never had to make an account as i’ve never run into any issues before.

Would love to try the beta.

Hi, I would like to report the same issue with new iPad Pro 12.9” connected to a TV via USB-C/HDMI.

Would be great to test the new beta as well and give feedback.


Forgot to mention I do get audio to the TV, not video. Thks

We believe this should be resolved in the 5.9.3 update which is currently in review at Apple.

5.9.3 is now available on the App Store. :slight_smile:

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