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I just got a 10.5-inch iPad Pro recently. Tried playing a video in Infuse 5…it looked excellent but I noticed the motion looked super/overly smooth which leads me to believe the screen was refreshing at the full 120Hz rate. I know Apple had said it would be able to adjust appropriately (all the way down to 24Hz) based on if it’s playing video content, scrolling, etc…I’m just wondering if this is something that will require an update on Firecore’s part, and if it does require an update, if you are going to be looking into it? Or is there a possibility you will be able to add a feature where we can choose the refresh rate we want when playing videos?

Essentially, if the screen refreshes at 120Hz playing videos inside Infuse and there’s no option to change it, I’m worried about significantly worse battery life when playing videos with this app - I personally prefer a lower refresh rate for battery reasons and also cause I think it tends to look closer to how it’s supposed to look versus the overly smooth motion that comes with higher refresh rates…

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Thanks for the feedback.

Adding support for ProMotion is something we’re currently looking into, and we hope to have more news soon.

Thanks for the quick reply - really glad to hear it’s something you’re looking into!

Indeed. 24Hz support is one of the biggest reasons I would consider upgrading to the iPad Pro.

Which is kinda funny, since Apple loves to promote the iPad Pro as a work device. Haha, sorry Apple!

My biggest fear though, is that 24Hz will only work really well with the native player. Can you say anything about that James?

At first glance, it looks like we will have an option to enable 24Hz on iPad Pro.

We’ll be digging more into the new features for iOS 11 and the iPad Pro after the we wrap up 5.5 in July. Stay tuned. :wink:

Amazing to hear! Thanks for the update!

But if ipad goes to 24hz when you are reading is not bad to your eyes ? And better use the old 60hz?

Ludosodo - 60Hz is not good for film, as film is usually 24fps and that requires 3:2 pulldown.

Regardless though, I’m not advocating specifically for 24Hz - you might be right that it might be too low a refresh rate but I haven’t seen it in action, 48Hz might be more ideal - but it would be great to be able to adjust the Hz for battery purposes based on what we’re watching. Like my old TV had the option to run at 96Hz which was great (and a multiple of 24 so it looked accurate) and if we could get a 96Hz option for example, then it would still look pretty smooth I think and also use less battery than going all the way up to 120Hz if we so chose. Ideally the option to choose either 48Hz, 96Hz, or 120Hz would be amazing.

But, if you want to watch webpages is the frecuency 24hz?, Is not bad for our eyes?. Thks a lot

^The iPad is able to adjust accordingly depending on what you’re doing. I haven’t noticed any issues at all surfing on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro.

Here, I’m just asking specifically for support for the lower refresh rates when watching video only in the Infuse app, not browsing, etc.

Then i can use the ipad pro without problem?. Without bad refresh?. Thks to all ?

Yes, ProMotion is handled by iOS and seems to be working as expected with the current version of Infuse. :slight_smile:

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