iPad Pro, infuse pro and Synology NAS. Cannot select multiple files to delete?


The select option is dimmed. I’m logged in to my Synology NAS using an admin account to test and I still cannot select multiple files to delete.
I can delete single files by swiping on them and tapping the trash can.
File management option is turned on.

I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything related.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m having the exact issue. I’ve been using it with my Apple TV 4K and iPhone XS Max, and because I’ve only found the app in mid November I thought it was just its thing. But I want to do Playlists, and i’s just impossible when you can’t select multiple files.

Thank you for sharing. I was hoping that it was something I’m overlooking in settings or configuration. That’s too bad. It makes it much less useful.